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  • Schedule an appointment with a VA provider (Primary Care, Psychiatrist, Doctor, etc).
  • Ask your provider to refer you to BrainStim TMS Clinics for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation though the Community Care program.
  • Ask your VA care team to work with you to see if you are eligible for community care. Provide them with the following information:


IMPORTANT: Make sure VA confirms you are eligible and authorized before proceeding to Step 2.

make your appointment

  • Call us at 833-TMS-INFO.
  • BrainStim TMS Clinics will follow up with the VA to receive your referral through the Community Care Program.
  • VA will work with you to find a TMS location that best suits your geographical location.

receive care

  • Arrive for TMS treatment and receive life-changing care!.
  • Click below to read frequently asked questions and learn more about what to expect during your TMS treatment appointment.

Real Stories, Real Patients

hear Kelly's story

“I started to see results from my treatment shortly after I finished. There was one day that I woke up and I walked outside and it was as if the sky was bluer.”

hear Kelly's story

“I was focused. I was more productive. I was more talkative. All the kind of things you might think goes with depression, piece by piece, those starting kicking in.”

hear tish's story

“Now that I’ve had the TMS treatment, it’s much easier for me to wake up in the morning. My children now get really excited when I suggest we go do things.”

hear eric's story

“Six weeks later, I was a whole new me. Someone I haven’t known for a really long time. It did everything I wanted it to do – and everything we hoped it’d do.”

hear elsa's story

“Once it starts opening up for you and you see those changes, it’s like a new light in your life. And it’s wonderful.”

hear OLIVer's story

“My father was noticing I was more active and out of my room. Over the course of the treatment, I was able to reduce medications and eventually got off.”

hear Martha's story

“The TMS is doing it’s job cumulatively working it’s way down to my brain and waking up the neurons so I will feel well again!”

hear ROD's story

“I used to live my life totally within a level of black and white. Now I live in a world of Kodachrome where I can see all the different colors.”

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you are not alone

If you are one of the 16 million Americans who suffer from Major Depression and antidepressants are not working or you have intolerable side effects, there is hope. Over 2.5 million patients have been successfully treated with TMS.Click below to schedule your free consultation and find out if TMS Therapy is right for you.


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