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Our programs main focus is going to help provide new TMS Technologies to non profit mental health clinics so that they can have the tools to help fight depression & mental illness. Please join us in the fight against mental illness & contribute to our goals below.

new tms technology to help fight mental illness
in not-for-profit mental health clinics

  • GOAL: $100,000 30% 30%

donate for depression treatment scholarships

  • GOAL: $50,000 35% 35%

covered by most insurance plans

you are not alone

If you are one of the 16 million Americans who suffer from Major Depression and antidepressants are not working or you have intolerable side effects, there is hope. Over 2.5 million patients have been successfully treated with TMS.Click below to schedule your free consultation and find out if TMS Therapy is right for you.


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Our passion of TMS therapy has inspired us to work diligently to provide a new alternative mental health solution. We strive to bring quality care, innovative treatment in TMS, and mental health awareness to your community.